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Concert Dates
DateLocation/EventOpening Act(s)
January 1, 1983Greater Petoskey Community College Kappa Kappa Kappa New Year's Day PartyBig Wooden Dildos
February 29, 1984Death Valley Sadie Hawkin's Day DanceChafe My Penis
March 2, 1984Charity Concert for Women with Thin EyelashesHideous Goatee
April 21, 1984Love Canal Reunion200 Bgorks
April 22, 1984HazMat Workers' PicnicDakota Viper (punk country)
May 4, 1984West Texas Vegetarian AssociationCancerous Biker Pirate
May 5, 1984Suzi Johnson's 8th grade graduationPerky Little Booblets
September 7, 1984SoapfestLovely Bulge
September 15, 1984Oblong, Illinois Bean Harvestbig gazongas
September 22, 1984Saint Manson's SeminaryCliques of the Damned
September 28, 1984Dudes-a-Poppin'nutmeg smoothie
October 5, 1984Carborated Beverage Bottler's Conventionhungarian puppy
October 12, 1984Shaun Landry Improv FestivalKids on a String
October 19, 1984Taste of Fort Knoxenglish muffins
October 26, 1984Elgin Costume-Free Halloween Partyhomegrown sex flesh
November 2, 1984Arizona Olympic Cross-Country Skiers' Reunionhuman shishkabob
November 3, 1984Colorado Automotive Showairbag decapitation
November 10, 1984Utah Large Animal Veterinarian Conventioncow pus
November 16, 1984George W. Bush's Benefit for Public Librariesilliterate cretin
November 23, 1984Mercy Hospital Lady's Auxilliary Brunchbizarre canabilistic role play
December 1, 1984Fort Myer's 12 Step PicnicCompletely compulsive
December 7, 1984Jeb Bush Fundraiservillage idiot's thicker brother
December 8, 1984Nerve Gas Manufacturer's Conventionmajor twitches
December 15, 1984Department Store Loss Prevention Professional's Conferencedepressed hackers
December 22, 1984Pagan Fundamentalist's Solstice Celebrationgay potheads
December 29, 1984IgloofestCHEWY CENTERS
December 31, 1984Boise, Idaho Xanax Promotionsense of paranoia
January 1, 1985the stupid plastic casks
January 3, 1985incoherent rant
January 10, 1985choking skeleton
January 17, 1985desperate pupids
January 18, 1985morose and suicidal
January 25, 1985damp storage
January 31, 1985bloated spyware
February 7, 1985nick trigger
February 14, 1985The Chads
February 15, 1985Big Yellow Grampa
February 22, 1985wits end
February 28, 1985visual acuity
March 7, 1985dropping sofas
March 8, 1985Blight of human suffering
March 15, 1985Slipknot
March 21, 1985the faculty of reason
March 29, 1985bad mayo
April 6, 1985cultural nincompoop
April 12, 1985Spiritual Aesthetics
April 19, 1985good blood
April 26, 1985this big plate
April 27, 1985disgusting steak
May 3, 1985heap memory
May 4, 1985blue atm
May 11, 1985gravity bong bowl
May 17, 1985obscure trade show
May 18, 19852 second snipe
May 25, 1985depleted uranium
May 31, 1985homeboy on haight
June 7, 1985doily of skin
June 14, 1985optimal slackitude
June 21, 1985insidious black mold
June 28, 1985adamantium gerbil
July 3, 1985desperate lesbians
July 4, 1985dead foot
July 5, 1985stereo secretions
July 6, 1985infected toe
July 12, 1985botched neuter
July 19, 1985dance like a freak
August 9, 1985slutty queen
August 16, 1985lil cockroach
August 23, 1985Welfare Cheese
August 30, 1985the imperialist pigs
September 6, 1985Flat Surfaces
September 13, 1985Commune with Artificiality
September 20, 1985complimentary toxic waste dispersal unit
September 27, 1985ugly mutant child
October 4, 1985anyone? anyone?
October 11, 1985infected pus pocket
October 18, 1985neck full of pus
October 25, 1985neglected crotches
October 31, 1985mesopotamian old folks homes
November 1, 1985little green skirt
November 8, 1985impossible taco pie
November 15, 1985purple knees
November 22, 1985candyfloss
November 29, 1985barking has begun
December 5, 1985army of teclos
December 12, 19856's psychomom
December 19, 1985romancing depression
December 26, 1985stale bacteria-mouth
December 31, 1985courrier electronique
January 1, 1986mastectomy scar
January 2, 1986Flaming Cuyahoga
January 9, 1986Hub plank
January 16, 198610 zillion little braids
January 23, 1986the dickheads
January 30, 1986chin hairs
February 6, 1986down with the dorks
February 13, 1986pieces of eight
February 20, 1986fiesta forever
February 27, 1986lactose intolerant hello kitty party girl
March 6, 1986nick fumigated
March 13, 1986narcoleptic hornblower
March 20, 1986hardcore tweaker
March 27, 1986faster lunchbox
April 3, 1986presidential terrorist
April 10, 1986grayscale rainbow
April 17, 1986obsessive lameness
April 24, 1986bleeding toenails
May 1, 1986more flash
May 8, 1986nervous chatter
May 15, 1986Skinny White Geeks
May 22, 1986dumb little joke
May 29, 1986People Without Color
June 4, 1986jiggle and the slap
June 11, 1986inadvertent capslock
June 18, 1986MIND KILLER
June 25, 1986pimplepus
July 2, 1986destroy the world
July 3, 1986stfu
July 4, 1986awesome professor
July 9, 1986blonde & grey
July 16, 1986Save Me Flipper Boy
July 23, 1986incredible winning streak
July 30, 1986geek speak
August 6, 1986crossdressing squash
August 13, 1986eternal boredom
August 20, 1986dyslexic hamster
August 27, 1986modular labia
September 3, 1986nearest available method
September 10, 1986The Wasp Tweezers
September 17, 1986love liability
September 24, 1986Castrated Q
October 1, 1986fancy pizza
October 8, 1986generic marshmallows
October 15, 1986dyslexic wrestler
October 22, 1986Schroedinger's Contribution
October 29, 1986juice by redly
October 31, 1986pink tattoo
November 5, 1986network booboo
November 12, 1986Purple RAINBOW
November 19, 1986vomiting cat
November 25, 1996inkling
December 2, 1986eyes full of sleep
December 9, 1986hairy bollocks
December 16, 1986dishcloth donkey
December 23, 1986plastic patella
December 24, 1986guitar string crust
December 30, 1986gay vampire sanctuary
December 31, 1986partially digested rabbit entrails
January 1, 1987one size fits all
January 7, 1987crossed streams
January 14, 1987latex solar beef
2003 Bath Tour
June 1, 2003Los AngelesThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 2, 2003San FranciscoThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 5, 2003SeattleThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 7, 2003DenverThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 9, 2003ChicagoThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 11, 2003PhiladelphiaThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 12, 2003New York CityThe Stupid Plastic Caskets
June 13, 2003BostonThe Stupid Plastic Caskets

We're still looking for information on other past dates and opening bands. If you can help, please write! We're also looking for web pages of bands who have opened for Terrycloth Lobster and will link to them from here. It's kind of a "where are they now" thing.

Last update August 6, 2003

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